Due to Faucethub recent change in api calls we will be making a few changes which needs to be made in order to make sure our main site and most importantly our api has no issues in the future This faucet has come to an end this will reduce our api calls and allow us more time to work on improving our main site https://topcatbtc.com which has much better payouts than here 1 ad alone is worth 30 sats In case you haven't seen the recent change on Faucethub here is the link https://faucethub.io/news/post/200

This faucet has disabled payouts! You can no longer claim from this faucet at this time!

If you are the faucet owner, please enabled payouts from your faucet settings!

You can earn 5%, share your referal link: http://topcat.faucetfly.com/